Summing it Up!

Thus far, my experience as a blogger has been really great, and very helpful in promoting myself. I think the iMovie was a very effective tool during this process. I enjoyed learning the program and plan to continue to gain more skills in videography.

I think all tools were very useful during the blogging experience. Using twitter in collaboration with the blog, has been really beneficial to gaining a stronger following. I think twitter is especially unique, because it can be just your thoughts and words, it can be personal or more objective.

These tools can absolutely be used in the future! Studying mass communications, and the Fundamentals of digital and online media, has allowed me to brand myself in a whole new way. Using social media to get across a message, my message, to take care of your self, is my ultimate goal! What I have learned, I will take with me forever and continue to perfect it, just like my practice. There is always room for improvement!

20150217_190219 20150217_190335 20150217_185833


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