Keep On Keepin’ On

As a beginner in yoga, I have learned so much, but have a great deal of knowledge to still obtain. Learning more about the practice and the benefits yoga can bring is so important to acknowledge. Yoga is more than just fitness, it’s an experience, and even a lifestyle.

When I began the practice I immediately felt stronger, more energized, and aware. The combination of yoga and meditation is a great practice to begin. Even if you have never done yoga, or tried meditation, it’s not too late! I began my practice about a year ago, and I am so glad I gave it a try!

The key to the  practice is to challenge yourself and enjoy the ride! Even if a position seems impossibly difficult, it’s still obtainable. Yoga is about patience and persistence. So never give up, although it may get frustrating and tiring, the practice does wonders for the mind, body, and soul.dont give upinhale exhale

My cousin doing what she does best!

My cousin doing what she does best!


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