Take A Break to Meditate

I always thought that the power of mediation was a little exaggerated, and maybe even not true at all. Yet after personally having practiced it, my mind has changed. There are many ways to meditate, different suggestions on how its done, even books that give step-by-step instructions. However, I believe that the most powerful meditation process for me requires a few easy steps.

After a long day of class, studying, and the stresses of being a college student, I like to go into my room, close the door, turn off the lights, put on my favorite music, lay on my back with my arms by my side and my feet splayed out, and simply, breathe. Below is my most practiced position for meditation.

This part of the day allows me to reflect on my actions and the actions of others. I have noticed that after a good 10 minutes or so, my body and mind, together are in a much more relaxed state and I am able to think more rationally and clearly after meditating. Although this is an ancient practice, I believe there is a reason why it is still around. I find myself in my most peaceful and focused state just after meditating.

Me practicing meditation

Me practicing meditation

One of my favorite songs to meditate to, so beautiful and real…

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