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I came across this blog and chose to review mind-body-connection  because it is similar to my own. The connection between the mind and body is essential, and this blog really has some awesome advice on how to connect the two. I think one think that the writer does very well is gives tons of options on how to cope with different illnesses, mental and physical. I really enjoyed all the photos and videos, in particular.

As previously stated, I was diagnosed in November of 2014 with major depression, mind-body-connection has very unique and helpful advice on how to cope with both anxiety and depression, using yoga and other holistic practices. I enjoyed this blog blog because I was able to learn many new tips and tricks on stress relief and dealing with negative emotions.

I followed this blog from Nicole, because she gives a realistic view from someone who is on a similar path to recovery as me. I understand and relate to those that share similar illnesses, and I respect them. It’s takes courage to admit something so private, and this blog allows the reader to really connect and make sense of their well being.

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