back bend

As a college student I have a very chaotic schedule like most. I work, pay my bills, and try to stay focused on school the best I can. However, this isn’t always easy, but it is easy to forget the importance of taking some time out! Of course sometimes I watch Netflix until I pass out, but most of the time I like to practice yoga and meditation.

My heel stretch

My heel stretch

Yoga of course can have a certain stigma to it, but it really can be beneficial to many in multiple ways. I like practicing yoga because it is a really calming and soothing way to strengthen and tone the body. Plus it can really help improve flexibility. My flexibility has really increased since I began practicing!

Another part of the practice, and perhaps the most important, is meditating. Really when I first began to meditate I thought it was kinda silly, and a bit odd. Then as I began to practice meditating, I started to see why it was so important. I personally found this video very useful for my condition.


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