This is ME


My twin and I

Hello my lovely readers! I would like to start by introducing myself. I am Chloe Cullen, a student at Texas State University. I have an identical twin sister, and two wonderful parents! My priorities go in this order, God, family, friends, and my adorable kitty Lulu!


My baby Lulu

I just recently moved to San Marcos, and I must admit, I love it! Living the college lifestyle can be a little hectic, especially while juggling a job. Last year, I was admitted into the hospital and diagnosed with major depression. It was a very scary and dark time in my life, but I feel I am now in a much better place. Sometimes students, especially, forget the importance of mental and physical health. I am not a psychologist nor yoga guru, but I have had a lot of experience, personally, when dealing with mental health and keeping the body healthy. My mom was diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic when I was about four. She was forced to face many changes, and taught me a lot about how to keep a good, consistent and balanced diet. My cousin is a real yogi and actually went to school to study the practice, and she has taught me a great deal of what she has learned. Now I plan to share with you tips to keeping a happy and healthy mind, body and soul!


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